TV: ...Busted have split...
Me: w0000000000t! *has party*
by HIMinion February 25, 2005
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A boyband who, after an extensive career spanning 2 years, split up in January 2005. Busted exploited the punk scene for commerial success and profit, wearing skater clothes and producing unoringinal pop songs which were based around a pop-punk sound, aiming their music at 12 year old girls who have no taste in music. One member of the 'band' (who incidently had no drummer) even admitted to copying billy-joe armstong from Greenday. Busteds defining moment was their cover of the undertones' classic teenage kicks, which was quite frankly an insult to the aforementioned band and an embararrasment to all who witnessed this tragic event. It has been rumoured that since the split, the band have become pringfolds although this is yet to be confirmed.
In their hit single 'Year 3000' Busted claimed that their next door neighbour had been to the year 3000 in a time machine and that everyone had bought their 7th album. Some people may doubt this claim, but but if its true then a logical conclusion would be that the band will one day reform, since they only released 2 albums. We can only hope they were lying.
by Dan February 07, 2005
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1. The state of being broken, irreparable, or malfunctioning.

2. A negative quality associated with the nature of an item, system, or process.

3. The state of being undesirable or unattractive.
1. My car wouldn't start today, that shit is so busted.

2. The road signs to get back to the interstate in Miami are confusing as hell. That shit is so busted.

3. Phil: That girl looked good from the back but she was a total butterface.
Shek: Yeah she had a hot body but her face was busted.
by MrMagicShack March 23, 2009
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1. Messed up. Stupid. Lame. Ignorant. Is used to describe the actions of another individual or group of people as being negative or having a negative effect on others.
Jon takes the last cold Mountain Dew Revolution out of the fridge.

Ben:(goes to the fridge) I'm so thirsty. I think that I'll have the last of my Dew Revolution. (notices there is none) What happened to my Dew?

Jon: Sorry, dude. I took the last one.

Ben: That's busted.


Tony: When I got back in town last weekend from a long business trip, the first thing that I wanted to do was go home to see my wife. When I got there, she was in the process of hooking up with someone else.

Jeff: Man, that's pretty busted.

Tony: I know. I felt like I should be on Jerry Springer or something.
by jcsavestheday August 22, 2008
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Adjective: Broken, nonfunctional

Colloquial term which can be used to describe things that are in pieces as busted dishes, but is more commonly used especially to describe mechanical devices that do no longer work.
I had to get my car towed 'cause it's busted.
by Ann Pearl Owen April 04, 2008
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A legendary word meaning caught in the act made popular by a legenday band consisting of three men - these boys broke the mould of the generation to enjoy catchy pop punk tunes making it possible for greenday to enter the top 40 and get their Cd's bought by more poeople than just great big fat sweaty moshers
yo dude busted like totally rock
by busted promise March 29, 2005
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