To have a connolly is to have a girlfriend on whatsapp but never actually see or touch her. Named after a school boy in rural Kwa-ZUlu Natal
He said he was in a serious relationship but it was just a Connolly
by HatchetHutch May 25, 2021
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An english teacher with grossly inappropriate comments and somewhat strange personal habits who you makes you read twice as many books and write twice as many essays then the rest of the teachers, but whom you like anyway.
Got to do Connolly's essay. Damn. Yay. Paul is gay.
by QueenZ May 19, 2008
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an strong irish name and they stand up for what they believe in. they value their freindships, and the people around them. they know what they want in life and will stop at nothing to get it. usually hard headed, stubborn, and even arrogant sometimes.
whoa she is so successful, i think she's a connolly
by kamacoski July 26, 2011
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a girl who most people say is pretty but is total guy repellent and will never get a boyfriend. she has many friends but mosly everyone hates her.
that poor girl she is a connolly
by apples and honey May 26, 2009
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an ugly person that got dicked over by lex and is gonna beat up albert and steve kid who drives the lexus so his mother doesnt know.. he is in love with tim miller
This person is a connolly
by Timothy James Miller April 22, 2008
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One of the greatest comedians of all time who started out as a folk singer, singing funny songs on stage. Once he became known as a comedian his singing became less and less on stage. Movies include Boondock Saints and The Big One. I'd put him right up there with George Carlin.
"In the very unlikely event...that all four engines fa$il...We'll go straignt into the ground like a fucking dart."-Billy Connolly
by AnonymousReaper April 9, 2008
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