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A British pop band started by James Bourne after his previous band, Busted, split up.

The members of this band consist of James Bourne, Danny Hall, David Williams, Steven Rushton, and Chris Leonard.

They came out with one record, titled "Welcome to Loserville" that was released November 21, 2005.

They produced two singles, "Ticket Outta Loserville" and "Eddy's Song."

They are no longer officially together, David, Chris and Steven having left the band.

"Have you heard that new song called Ticket Outta Loserville?"

"The one by Son Of Dork?"

"Yeah! It's awesome!

"Dude! I love that song!"
by Lindsay!@! January 21, 2009
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Son of Dork are an English pop/rock consisting of 5 members. They are : James Bourne (Guitar and Vocals - ex Busted) Steve Rushton (Guitar and Vocals) David Williams (Guitar and Shouting) Chris Leonard (Guitar and Backing Vocals) Danny (Drums) They are really cool!
Cause your my ticket outta Loserville. Son of Dork are the best thing outtta the great british pop factory in ages!
by Jessss January 02, 2006
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son of dork are a crappy bunch of wannabes who cant sing 4 shit cant write for shit and cant play instrements for shit.
come to think of it they propbably share 1 brain cell between them and take it in turns to breathe!!

they suk they look like girls and are just anofa pop band wiv the musical talent of a dying cat. anyone who thinks their good propbably hav the hearing of my deaf nan.

prep: ooh im a propa rock chick i bought a son of dork album 'rock and roll'

*puts cd on, all windows break and she starts dancing like a retarded frog on steroids*
by womanofmassdistraction January 15, 2006
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