Term used to describe an individual that is ugly, dirty, and dresses bad.
You:"That nigga swear he fine!"

Me:"Right?!? Fuck that! That nigga know he busted."
by JML18 October 23, 2009
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I was so busted after partying I slept the entire day.
by AO11 March 2, 2015
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A double-entendre meaning - to be busty (large-chested) - when something is overpowered
Nick: Woah, that girl is busted
Landen: I'd bust on that bust
by arceelol March 5, 2022
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when you think you ain't lookin nice even though you probably have a mans.
"damn you lookin' fine as hell today baby"

"hell nah i look busted as fuck"
by outlawed- April 2, 2019
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A bitch so ugly nobody wants them.
Abby decker is busted. Where are her eyebrows?
by Bartier16 January 1, 2019
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having or giving anal sex to him or her
“ ima get my bag busted open”.

lemme bust that bag open”
by _open2discussuion February 12, 2018
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