The act of taking negotiations to the brink of disaster in order to accomplish your goal. Normally used in sales processes, contract negotiations, behavior of children, and war.
Her brinksmanship was brilliant in threatening to run away if I didn't let her date that guy.

I used stellar brinksmanship in making the customer change his purchase order, by threatening to walk away from the half million dollar deal.

The leaders of North Korea and Iran are honing their brinksmanship skills by playing world politics like puppet masters.
by Curtis Rock July 19, 2006
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Taking procrastination to the extreme, waiting until the last minute to finish a task.
Linda practiced brinksmanship with term papers until an illness caught her in finals week, and she failed two classes.
by Jackie Stewart March 6, 2008
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Noun. A game in which the first person to touch a bill, such as 2013 budget, loses and has to give up something they want to pay for it.

Can also be played with electrical bills, hookers, and bar tabs. It is legally binding.
Person A: Did you hear that that Boehner guy in the Republican party is still refusing to cooperate with President Obama even though it makes his entire party look worthless?

Person B: Don't worry, this is just fiscal brinksmanship. He'll agree to something at the last minute.

Person A: But what if he doesn't?

Person B: Then, I guess we're fucked.
by Easy Kompany December 30, 2013
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