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What occurs when you overwork yourself into a state of limited mental acuity, depleted emotions, and strength completely drained from your body.
I was so burned out I didn't even know I was burned out. When three days of vacation helped maybe 2%, I realized I had to cut way, way back on the hours. I don't mind playing brinksmanship with myself, screwing around until deadline on shit I have to do. But, when I miss even those basic deadlines and my important stuff just starts piling up - of what I can't even function enough to take care of - well, it was pathetic, and I'm only just now coming out of it after chilling a few weeks.
by Rose etta May 3, 2008
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FanFiction that is read aloud and then made available for download. Sometimes the author reads, other times friends or fans of the fic. Great while driving or in meetings! Often popular whilst tread-milling, jogging, etc. Lose pounds to podfic!
1) When the podfic gets to the hot parts, most listeners get steamy but some get embarrassed.

2) I want to make my own podfic but I'm frustrated cuz I wish I could sound more like may fave TV characters.

3) When I'm too busy to read porn, I turn on my podfic.

by Rose etta April 8, 2008
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