A beautiful city in British Columbia. Home to the famous Metrotown and many Chinese immigrants. Lots and lots of Chinese people. Home to the best kush in the lower mainland and a whole lot of fake bitches, wannabe rappers and models.
Wanna go to Burnaby?

by Btownskids420 November 29, 2017
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a ghetto part of this highly urban city the bad parts stretch from metrotown station to edmonds station (edmonds being the worst one) this part of burnaby is full of low income housing, gangsters, prostitutes, drug addicts, and dealers. The edmonds area used to be the worst neighbour hood next to east hastings but now not much that happens there is reported on the news so surrey now gets all the media attention
guy 1: yo did u here buddy got shot last night.
guy 2: really where?
guy 1: south burnaby near edmonds station.
guy 2: figures.
by Big Ce March 26, 2008
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the part of vancouver (canada) where all the wops live
maria lives in north burnaby and hangs out at carleton square
by mike February 18, 2004
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The northern sector of Burnaby, a small city adjacent to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This part of town has an unusually large Asian population.
So many Asian people live in north Burnaby it's like Chinatown.
by TELUS February 13, 2005
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A plaid flannel shirt shirt worn untucked and unbuttoned, typically with an undershirt. On hot days it's taken off and tied around the waist by the arm sleeves.
The Burnaby Dinner Jacket is the choice of wear of Canadian lumberjacks.
by billthecat February 6, 2009
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