Literally, "Burn what you see into your retinas." Spoken after something profound or profetic has just been said. Punctuating the moment with "Remember this!"

Often accompanied by gesturing with two fingers towards the eyes.
I will always be there for you."Burn it!"

Take a good look. "Burn it!"
by Neffntins April 23, 2011
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The act of making your tyres spin whilst moving off in a car. This occurs by raising the clutch too quickly so that it 'slips' and the excessive acceleration causes spinning or 'burning' of the tyres. Miniman likes to do this alot.
Crazy Joe:Oi miniman that coppers after you! Burn it!!!
by Crazy Joe November 15, 2004
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A branding iron that can also be used for roasting overcoats.
To get out of a wooden box, Cousin Tex had to burn his way out with his burnit.
by Bummy Raditz April 12, 2008
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To leave, To go some where, Get To stepping, To burn the road up. To leave out of anger. Smoking a blut.
well I catch ya'll later i'm bout to burn it.
by andrea simpson November 04, 2007
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the worst rating that a movie or book can get from Anime Pulse.
If I got Indiana Jones 4 as present, I would rather Burn it and piss on the ashes then see it again
by dragonlordd March 09, 2009
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