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someone with a home in a suburbian area
background-urbie kids with pity or hatred to burbies
"You are a burbie, you live in Evanston"
by Olivia March 21, 2005
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Someone from the suburbs who thinks they're ghetto. Most often, burbies can be spotted in low-crime neighborhoods sagging their pants and wearing snapbacks and talking a hoodish slang. Burbies tend to travel in packs, calling eachother "nigga" and will often be found skating or biking. Another name that is used to describe burbies is swagfags, however they can be differentiated in some cases. If you confront a burbie about them being in middle/upper class and not being in a ghetto area, they will get aggressive and act offended and try to defend their ground, stating that their suburban town is, indeed, a ghetto, which shows their insecurity.

Refer to wigger as another definition of this word. The only difference is that burbies can be all races, not just white.
Decent person: Why are you sagging your pants?
Burbie: Nigga ima get my boys on yo white ass, don't y'all mess with me
Decent person: Dude, you're white, too, and you live in upper class. You're Italian.
by Woodie135 July 29, 2013
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The bastard child of furby and bigfoot.

Not to be confused with barbie.
"Save yourselves! Lock away your children and their gingerbread, the burbie's come to town!"
by themolasses October 07, 2011
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