I put a lot of hard work into this project, and all I got was bupkis.
by tradesman May 8, 2003
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Literally, in Yiddish it means "beans". However, beans was a term used to describe goat droppings, as goat shit looks like beans.

So bupkis or bupkes is a common slang for, 'of no value". That is what the slang means. The reason for that is above. It does not literally mean "goat shit". It means "beans".
I worked my ass off on this project and got exactly bupkis for my troubles.
by linguistication November 1, 2015
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While some pretentious folks who badmouth people of their own heritage say it means "goat shit," it has become commonly accepted to mean "of little or no value" and multiple Yiddish to English dictionaries confirm this. No 1st generation American I know has used it to mean anything otherwise.
Someone who chooses to insult strangers instead of astutely sharing their knowledge with those who aren't so fortunate to be as perfect as they are may think they are a mensch, but really their words are bupkis.


Farshtinkener Jews should be fed bupkis straight from the goat's tochas.
by 2nd generation American August 29, 2006
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after investing and manipulating markets to get all the sheckles i could, i turned up with bupkis! ba kchleghm!!
by Allen January 27, 2004
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A sexual position where one partner puts their legs behind their head, and the other partner performs anal intercourse with a strap-on on their head.
You can't get top notch quality bupkis anywhere else in town for this cheap.
by Art Z April 9, 2007
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Also spelled bubkes but still means the same thing. The word Bupkis means 'nothing, zero, having no value'. Also it is said by the television character Dr. Zoidberg on the show "Futurama" since he is a Jewish lobster and this word has a Jewish origin it all makes sense.
Zoidberg: "We've had president Bush for four years and all we got was Bupkis"
by Jeremy K. October 28, 2004
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An awkward unconsummated fist bump.

Person A goes in with a fist bump. Person B goes in with a handshake.
Both thinking they have done the wrong thing, and reverse their plan.
Now Person A goes in with a handshake, and Person B goes in with a fist bump.
At this point, both are feeling awkward and give up on the whole thing.
“Yeah, it was a bit awkward. When the interview started, the nerdy manager was trying a little too hard and went for the fist bump. Ended in fist bupkis, and it went downhill from there.”
by WordsbyW January 24, 2020
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