Nothing of value. From Yiddish 'bobkes;, meaning 'little beans'. See bupkis
"We got bubkes! We turn ourselves in now, they'll give us twenty years in the electric chair!" -- Dan Aykroyd as "Mother", in Sneakers (1992)
by Moshe Jacobson November 9, 2004
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bubkes also bupkes or bupkus ... noun, plural but singular in construction Yiddish (probably short for kozebubkes, literally, goat droppings), plural of bubke, bobke, diminutive of bub, bob bean, of Slavic origin; akin to Polish bb bean (1942): the least amount.
He doesn't have bubkes.
by John C Goodman May 29, 2005
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Bena pulled out and saw that he had a lot of bubke on his genitals
by benadoesanal June 29, 2015
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