A person who is considered the Greatest of all time in many major industries.
Josue was considered the Goat of Goats when he achieved a higher NFL pass completion than Dree Brees and beat Michael Jordan and Lebron James in a 1on1 basketball game.
by Jaja1255 February 21, 2017
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A phrase made by Kurtis Conner in a video about an animated movie.

Meaning: When a goat does not like something.
"That's a no goat" "I gave my goat food she didn't like. It was a no goat so I gave her other food"
by Nuggetsonn August 24, 2020
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Goated is another way of saying someone's a G.O.A.T, which means Greatest Of All Time.
Person 1: dude, you're goated
person 2: thanks bro
by Pyroshank September 22, 2019
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(like tight, the best)
Those shoes are G.o.a.t.
by Joi January 6, 2004
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The act of being a G.O.A.T, meaning Greatest Of All Time.
Richard: Gey dude did you see me sink that shot?
Pete: Yea bro, your goated.
by I am autism January 28, 2018
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_____ rapper is GOATED. Nobody can top that guy bar for bar.
by bic boi of usa October 26, 2019
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Majestic creatures that bring death and goodluck
Look a Goat :1 year of good luck bestowed upon you
by Geja24 September 30, 2019
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