A main character in the webcomic "Sluggy Freelance"
He's a little white mini-lop with the attitude of a homicidal gangster. Favorite weapon is a switch-blade but also has a gun (where all this is stashed in anyones guess)
by Anubis January 4, 2005
n. A switchblade-wielding mini-lop rabbit who features prominently in the webcomic Sluggy Freelance. As of 12-7-2003, Bun-bun is reluctantly serving as the Easter Bunny.
"Bun-bun: Time to die, Nerd-Boy!"
by JohnWWells December 7, 2003
see sluggy or visit sluggy.com
Time to Die, Nerd-Boy KA-CLICK
by Uncle Jim June 9, 2004
It's where most people keep their parm, so it won't get stale and dried out.
I went to the loaf store to buy some parm, because I noticed my Bun Buns was empty. At my house, you can never have enough Parm in your Bun Buns.
by Speed Racer July 8, 2004
someone who will eat your soul and shit out your mom
Look its Bun Bun run for your life
by Sky_is_dead March 14, 2019
v. To inflict wanton violence on a semi-innocent. (Sluggy fandom)
"He Bun-bunned that telemarketer but GOOD."
by JohnWWells December 7, 2003
Some girls on roblox that say they hack but they can’t
Well some bun buns are real
They want to hack some games
The bun buns are from the game roblox
Some bun buns are nice
The bun buns: Hey wanna get hacked
Person: ok then whatever
-dosent get hacked-
by Ilovegalaxyslol January 5, 2021