4 definitions by Taíno Boy

The curvy contour of a girls gluteus maximus muscles as seen from behind. AKA cheeks,ass,butt.
Margie's buns look nice and tight now that she's working out.
by Taíno Boy January 22, 2004
Spanish for fart, similar to peo.
Cuando a sus playas llegó Colón,
alzó la pata y se tiró un follón...
by Taíno Boy December 13, 2003
Spanish derogatory word for a gay person similar to faggetin english.

In Puerto Rico aka as pato.
¡Eres un maricon!

You are a maricon!
by Taíno Boy December 13, 2003
Spanish for a cigar shaped piece of feces or turd.

A stupid lad.
Dejaron un mojón en el toilet.

Ese tipo es un mojón.
by Taíno Boy December 14, 2003