1) n : insincere foolishness : nonsense

2) n : a person's asshole
"That's nothing but a bunch of bunkum!"

"Yo, you've got some nasty stank coming from your bunkum!"
by Dizzy G July 2, 2005
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The cum(kum) left after nutting on a persons ass. i.e. the kum on the buns
I left a wizz of bunkum on that chick I fucked last night.
by Bentheken September 27, 2020
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Used to express moderate inconvenience, or a moderate anger.

May also be used in conjunction with fita fita
axn: We can't go to Taco Bell, taco Tom got pooned by some black dude.
clutch: Bunkum Bunk. Who cares, let's go see how bad the poonage was.
by clutch like yes April 6, 2006
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The art of jiggery-pokery and all things flighty. The ethereal art of the hypno-fiddler.
Look at Matt; he is the high priest of gorey-bunkum
by bigwizz February 4, 2005
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That’s a whole bunch of bunkum, Mister.
by pokestar123 November 4, 2022
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