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a suffix to any word u like. used to show that your 1337 and to confuse nubs on games
gg nubz0rz i r0xz0rz j00 b0xz0rz
by nublet July 05, 2003
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Delicious cake
serve me a delicious bundt plz. tx.
by nublet August 03, 2003
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National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association
The mission of NUCCA is to improve the practice of chiropractic by supporting research, education, and patient care and to advance, preserve, and perpetuate chiropractic as a healing art to the public, chiropractic, and other professions based upon the restoration principle, inclusive of all methods that reduce the subluxation complex misalignment factors, and which are based upon specific and acceptable principles of subluxation reduction.

by Nublet December 13, 2005
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a person who pisses you off and is in no way pro
oh my god you little soupeh
by nublet August 28, 2003
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