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Uk slang, common in private schools.

Bunder is a portmanteau of the words banter and chunder, and used to mean vomit/to vomit.

Usually refers to vomiting after a fun night of heavy drinking and partying (hence the inclusion of the word 'banter').
"I was so trashed after last night that I bundered in the taxi on the way home!"
by monkeyapron February 22, 2010
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In the UK, this word takes the meaning of vomiting.
"I'm going to bunder on my birthday, whether my parents are there or not!" - Man in the gym yesterday.
by Ian Chode October 20, 2003
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An article of clothing that is worn under ones pants, shorts etc.. worn by a male toddler, child. To cover ones buttox in a cotton material. UnderRoos are an undershirt with matching Bunders.
When getting dressed, you must first put on your undershirt, Bunders and then your pants.
by -C July 07, 2006
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Someone who acts like an ass..but jokingly and is funny. Usually people appreciate there assery, not to mention ass
Bunder: Soooo... when will we make out?
Girl: oo mmy gashh ur such a bunder
by Steve Phillips October 20, 2005
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To vomit, usually after drinking too much alcohol
Dam i feel awful, think im gonna bunder.
by Nico September 24, 2003
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