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Crackwhore refers to a friend which will act utterly selfish. He or she may only call onto you or ask you for what he needs, while when you call on him, he/she simply ignores the cry for help.

Crackwhore originated from cocksucking individuals that would take it in the ass for a piece of crack that was the size of a dime.
Dont ever trust a crackwhore
by Nico August 14, 2004
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Female genitaliar. also know as pussy, cunt, twat
by Nico April 15, 2003
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Meaning dat is da don, dat is wicked, gr8!
Man dat tune is red hot!
by Nico June 9, 2003
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greatest song by the b52's, besides love shack
b52's sing lots of crazy songs like rock lobster
by Nico January 23, 2005
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To vomit, usually after drinking too much alcohol
Dam i feel awful, think im gonna bunder.
by Nico September 24, 2003
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Bia Bia, stop actin like a biatch and put yo hands up!
by Nico June 7, 2003
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An act in which a team or a person collaspe when they are expected to win no matter what the other team does.
The New York Yankees CHOKED majorly against the Boston Red Sox in the American League Championship Series in 2004.
by Nico April 2, 2005
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