The mafia term for taking a target out.
Tony was bumped off today, lets not shed no more blood.
by Vincent J. Marchese May 4, 2006
to kill, especially a planned hit.
The drug dealer paid a hit man to bump off the someone who owed him a lot of money
by Libertine October 4, 2005
1. To perform well sexually
2. To get the party started or enjoy oneself immensley at the party
3.To pump the bass very loudly thus exciting people to dance
4.To perform any task
1. Q:You hook up with Keisha at the club last night?
A:Hell yeah!I was bumpin' It OFF!
2. Bump it off nigga!Get it Krunk!
by Sugabur July 21, 2005
A long line of pot holes in the road that shake the car enough so the driver can grab his dick and jack off effortlessly.
I was driving down the road when I hit a set of beat-off bumps... With no effort I grabbed my cock and busted a nut on my steering wheel
by Happy beater August 13, 2010
Riding around high in Amish country with the system bumping.
We're just out here bumping high off the barns.
by bigfnjess March 17, 2014
The act of touching oneself in private places to excite in an effort to achieve climax, or to orgasm. The act is completed when one achieves their orgasm.
Also known as the action of masturbating.

It can be used to describe the process concerning either gender.
Example 1:

Jill: Ew did Tim just bump one off in your bathroom?

Beth: Yeah I think he did - don't go in there.

Example 2:

Guy outside bathroom: Are you done in there? I need to use the bathroom.

Guy in bathroom: Leave me alone, I'm bumping one off!
by FalconFlight April 22, 2009