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1. to make drunk; intoxicate.
2. drinking alcohol for the purpose of getting drunk.

(In this context, bridges–noun: alcoholic beverages consumed to achieve the state of intoxication.)

This term was coined for comedic relief and to avoid sounding like a fucktard when discussing becoming inebriated on the upcoming weekend. Frequently used in the Orange County, California reigon. Coined in Tesoro High, this term started as an inside joke and grew from there. Use in front of authority figures (parents, teachers, etc) to make them go "wtf?" However, use sparingly. Adults catch on surprisingly quick.
Hey man, let's go build some bridges tonight. I got a handle of Skyy & my girlfriend just fuckin' dumped me!

Person one (via text message): Hey, what's up?
Person two (also text message): Neveronion.
Person one (thinking to himself): She just said neveronion.. Is she building bridges or what?
by roxiface April 22, 2007
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