She's my Tesoro.
by Wop January 22, 2004
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Acute chest pain, ST elevation, chest pain with exertion.
The pt has tesoro syndrome, he will need a CABG or stent very soon!
by weasel 72 July 11, 2008
The charismatic, positive and profound impact of Laura Tesoro performing a song (primarily live).
I didn't think that 'What's The Pressure' would be successful live on stage at Eurovision, but as a result of the Tesoro Effect, it finished top 10 in the final!
by JoshuaMoshua March 26, 2018
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A suburban spoiled ass school. The system is like one giant anal shafting that leads you bleeding and stupid by the time you’re done with it. Filled with retarded freshmen doing heroin and fingering cats, sophomores getting railed by horny seniors, and juniors that nobody gives a fuck about. Too many e-girls and e-boys giving each other oral in the prison-like bathrooms. Not even sure how this school is ranked in the top 100 in the U.S. Santa Margarita is so much better than TESORO in every sports, extra-curricular, and academic area that THS doesn’t even deserve to have such an advanced school as it’s rival. Good luck going anywhere in your stoopid lives titans!
I’m not surprised that those retards at Tesoro High School got caught doing BDSM with their P.E. teacher.
by Skai Jackson April 10, 2019
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A toxic class filled with females with no self respect that sell their bodies to older men and see it as “pulling guys” and males that haven’t stepped outside in 8 years playing football so they get PE credit. filled with popcorn lung and racism (claire phillips)
wow Tesoro class of 25 is a bunch of queers
by cornfromwyoming July 29, 2021
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