What my mother calls me when I get a B on my geometry test before she makes me sleep outside
Mom: Robert! Get in here! You got a B? What a disappointment to this family. Go outside and sleep in the cold.

*I proceed to grab my teddy bear and Bible and go outside to appease my crazed mother*

*I also slap myself repeatively while self-scolding myself for my sins against my mother*
by xX_Chromosones_Xx December 4, 2018
Spending eight hours editing a YouTube video only to have it get 26 views.
"I feel so much disappointment. Big, big oof."
by Ry703 May 13, 2019
The feeling you get when you uncap a pen and it doesn't turn into a sword
* uncaps pen* dangit! That was a disappointment!* crys*
by Persassy27 March 19, 2017