Fat and loud black woman, age 25 to 35, at least 75 pounds overweight. She is outspoken, uneducated, arrogant and obnoxious. Typically festooned with hoop earrings and elaborately painted fake fingernails and branded with a ghetto tattoo. Often seen/heard loudly chatting with another buffalo on her cell phone, making brilliant statements like "You know I ain't tryin to hear that gurrrrrll!!!" as she waddle-struts along the sidewalk.
This buffalo is in front of you at the grocery store. She's paying for two carts of premium groceries with a federal voucher - and then whipping out a roll of cash to pay for the beer and candy that food stamps won't cover.
by Memphis Mikey March 07, 2010
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A wonderous *cough* city in Western New York, known mostly for chicken wings, our usually horrible football team, the insane amount of bars (that's mostly the Chip Strip and South Buffalo), and having spawned the Goos. Home of the #1 highschool and middle school in WNY - City Honors. If you're ever visiting during the summer, check out Thrusday at the Square.
Buffalo NY, hey - at least we're not Compton!
by Boochies August 27, 2003
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small city in western new york that is located next to lake erie. home of chad michael murray,teddy geiger, rick james, the goo goo dolls, and lucille ball. has two major sports teams: the good buffalo sabres and the terrible buffalo bills. the restaurant named the "anchor bar" is resposible for the chicken wing.
"let's go buffalo, lets go buffalo"
by clint bauer August 25, 2006
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Verb - to push ahead, plow over or unwittingly dominate in one's actions or in a given situation.
Noun - Someone who embodies these qualities.
Stop buffaloing through my twelve-pack and buy your own.

by August O. November 22, 2006
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A city that is WAY WAY WAY better then rochester. Buffalo might want to be rochester if it wanted to be a small city noone cares about. Has alot of bars and a night scene Rochester dreams of.
Hey, we could go to Buffalo or Rochester. Lets go to Buffalo where theres things to do, Rochester is for little school boys who are afraid to be out after dark
by Anonymous September 21, 2003
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a slang term for marijuana originating from the Midwest, referring to the Native American custom to use every part of the buffalo.
"Save the stems of that buffalo, dude, we can use it later."

"Yo, dude, pick that nug up, you can't waste the buffalo."

"Dude, don't cash that buffalo yet, you can't waste the buff."
by chocolatemonster March 31, 2009
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