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The number 1 most badass family in the world. The Burchfields don't take any shit from anybody and they will stomp your ass in a heartbeat with a huge pretty smile on their face, as they are also ALWAYS very good looking. And come with great personality. Find you a Burchfield and you will have a happy life, for the rest of yours. They are loyal as they come.
I wish I was a Burchfield, just having that name can get you far in life.
by Fhgrifld69 August 18, 2017
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A field that is full of shit 100% of the time.
Bobby: Matt told me he couldn't give me a ride home.

Jeff: Oh he's just full of shit like a burchfield.

Nick: Ahhhhh I knew it!
by milksfavoritecookie August 16, 2010
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