Quite possibly the greatest american architect that ever lived to this date. His work relected his love of the natural world, and the environment he grew up in; the midwest. Although he was known to be arrogant and cold, he had that right, because his designs were of a quality and style that was at the time, innovative. Today, most of his designs are protected historical sites, mostly owned by people who have gone out of there way to preserve them.
Jack likes to think he's a regular Frank Lloyd Wright, but in reality, he's actually a sucky architect with a god complex.
by FLW July 11, 2008
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1. The act of hovering one's loins above the face of their partner, drinking a gallon of stream water and releasing the liquids through the urethra onto the face of said partner.

2. Mastermind behind "Falling Waters"
When my boyfriend informed me we were going to Falling Waters, I didn't know it meant he was going to urinate on my face,while posing as Frank Lloyd Wright.
by TurboGrandma October 24, 2008
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Architect whose originality and style were overshadowed by his inflated view of self and tendency to create structures that leaked, were difficult to heat, and cracked. Embraced 'hypocritical humility' which is funny because he had nothing really to be arrogant about. The Unity Temple in Oak Park, like many of his works, looks like an upscale military barracks. He wasted alot of time avoiding the arch and pillar. Wright couldn't hold a candle to much better architects like Louis Sullivan or Daniel Burnham.
Jane: Hey what's that building over there?
Mark: It's a Borg complex. It was created by some guy named Frank Lloyd Wright.
Jane: Never heard of him.
by Melizza September 25, 2005
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1: Falling Water was built by God
2: Really? I thought it was built by Frank Lloyd Wright
3: Frank Lloyd Wright and God are synonymous. DUH!
by Alice Gilmore September 14, 2007
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I hate the school most people that go here are etheir fake or a slut/thot. If u are not one of those things u are lucky. I know a few peeps that actually go their and are a slut/thot. HHAHAH hoes.
dont EVER go to frank lloyd wright middle school it sucks booty hole!
by papilonglegs257 December 3, 2018
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Being so promiscuous you need a cape after turning to the dark side to hide the mess in the seat of your pants while walking down the street with a cape so it looks like you aren't smuggling any tiny train cars to the freemasonry party.
Frank Lloyd Wright sure was a great Archiect... but Taliesin did have some problems for a VALID reason!
by nobodycaresaboutthisguy September 30, 2019
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THE gayest school in the whole world everone who goes there are usually hoes thots or actually nice but idc people switch up on u real quick.
by papilonglegs257 September 19, 2019
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