buddahs is simply a slang term used widly by stoners.. its another word for buds. dank, chronic, chrizzy, dode, nugs, da purps.

can be used in comnbination of many other words such as
chadillac- yoooo! my nigga what choo got on deck

thuggishDealer- I got the fire B! straight phx suns purp.. best buddahs in P-town! and i got thizzles, mushies, cid, special K, xznaz bars, perc 30s, OC 80s, and some of that china white if you really wanna get your fade propper
by 4chadillac2 January 23, 2010
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The cringe of a 13 year old youtuber that makes cringey content. The word Buddah Cringe originated from the youtuber Mango Milk but wasn’t posted on his channel but the two have a beef in real life
by LilNikk December 21, 2017
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The act of patting, rubbing or lightly slapping one's belly region as a sign of contentment; typically to indicate that one has satisfied a given hunger. Typically related, but not limited, to dining.
When either pushing back from the buffet or after having raked in a big poker pot, my buddy leans back with a contented smile and gives himself a bit of a buddah pat.
by Troy Murray-Plumer August 4, 2006
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hes such a sexy buddahboat do u think he likes it up the marmite motorway?
by fjl88 October 11, 2004
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Chanted imperative when sitting down is needed. No droning allowed please. And no musical chairs; everyone who needs to must, wherever.
Elderly patrona: "Excuse me you strapping young lad, but would you be so kind ..."

Seated lame-ass: "On mah settee buddah."
by enviroman September 22, 2011
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When a person (usually a teenager) shits their pants in a watery and explosive manner to escape a drug test appointed by his or her parent or legal guardian changing the color of said person's pants and floor causing a literal shit storm
When my parents pulled out that drug test I knew I was fucked and had no choice but to use The Yung Buddah Brown Trouser Shower Diversion
by fangirlshitstank May 24, 2020
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