fat guy who has two girlfriends or a wife and a girlfriend who all sleep together
Jack that lucky Blissed Buddah, his Bliss babe and Annie the new girlfriend all went to the dance and a walk on the beach
by maplefrost May 30, 2009
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Someone who is so in touch with who they are, someone so uneffected by outside forces, someone who spreads as much good karma as possible, and someone who is so peaceful and kind that people say that they've got Buddha in the Backseat. It takes a cultured and uneffected person to earn this status.
Mike: Man, Robert just gave a hobo 50 bucks, gave an injured man a ride home, donated his salary for this month to the red cross, and adopted a starving Nigerian baby. Hes definetly got Buddha in the backseat.
by Crapspatula June 4, 2005
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A Man On a Journey To Achieve Enlightenment. One Who Is Open To The World And Is able To see what the World Is.
Man Kevin Is Such a Lil Buddah
by lil buddahhhhh December 24, 2008
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Hawaiian slang for a local person of Japanese ancestry. Not considered derogitory. Being termed Buddah head by locals implies acceptance. See Katonk) for Hawaiian slang for mainlander Japanese Americans/Canadians.
See da brudda with the slippers and no shirt? He's not Japanese, he's a buddah head.
by Wheaty June 22, 2005
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a sex position used by men for womens pleasure
dustin showed me the buddah stick last night it was great
by dustin miller November 9, 2003
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Used to describe something sick gnasty, dope, shank masta flipflop, or generally awesome
Last night with your mom was THE STANK BUDDAH! She did everything to me, it was gnasty! Sucks shes married though.
by IllestStreetBrawla November 25, 2006
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