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A mob of 6th graders shouting "we like fortnite" at the top of their lungs
Jason: do you hear that dillon?

Dillon:you mean th-


Jason:, dillon, we need to go,get in the car.

Dillon: why?

by Psuedonyms,definition know I d October 14, 2019
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The Cringe is a word used for a pale white 6th grader who lives in Pennsylvania. Also this individual still plays with LEGO’s and plays Minecraft for his free time. This kid will go blind in the future because how close he puts his Phone to his face. If you ever want to call someone The Cringe this is where this word originates.
The Cringe was spotted lerking in the woods.
by Ryan_TheBeast January 01, 2019
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The cringe is a condition that many people have but the severity varies. The people who suffer from more extreme causes of the cringe cannot physically be in the vicinity of cringey situations or events. If they are a series of symptoms of the cringe will initiate, these include but are not limited to, nausea, sweating profusely, irritability, restlessness etc.

People who suffer severely from the cringe can only heal their symptoms by removing themselves from the situation or by having it stop. As the cringe has not been medically defined for long not enough research and experiments have been conducted to tell what will happen to an individual if they do not remove themselves from a situation that is too cringey for them to handle.
When my friends small kids asked them whats an orgasm was in front of a group of their friends I got The Cringe and had to leave.
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by B99J&AForever April 15, 2019
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A game called the cringe

Where you type super cringy true things in someone's dms and don't send it but then keep stacking more and more cringey things to see how long can you go before erasing and whimping out, or sending The Cringe
Last night after the party I recieved The Cringe from Jeremy.

Nick sent the cringe last night to ..... .......
by The Cringe September 21, 2020
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The cringe is a group of Minecraft kids who attack people with better things to do because apparently, Minecraft is popular than everything else in the world.

Minecrafter: wE'rE pLaYiNg MiNeCrAfT, WhUt R u DoInG?

Person: I'm doing my taxes and going to play some football with my friends.

Minecrafter: FoOtBaLl Is ShIt! MiNeCrAfT iS dA bEsTeSt GaMe In Da WoRlD!

Person: I'm heading to the park, enjoy your cringecraft kiddo.

Minecrafter: AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaHh!!!
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Noun. Indicates a Scottish person who lives in Scotland and who constantly bemoans the achievements of the Scottish Government. They are unhappy and miserable of living in a country where they have to, for instance, not pay for their medical prescriptions. This condition eventually mutates into 'The Cringe' and is mitigated only by moving to England or Northern Ireland.
'See auld Wullie over there? He's riven wi' The Cringe! Just goat his gout tablets fae Boots and is spittin' chips that he disnae huv tae pey fur thaim!'
by Nine Bob Note November 22, 2019
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