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Bucu: Broken french slang meaning a lot. Used primarily by people of African descent who were owned by the French in the New Orleans area of the U.S.
Nigga I went to the sto and made bucu groceries.

(English Translation)- Man, I just bought a lot of groceries at the store.
by Valiant Derone Williams May 16, 2007
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The mucus that lines the inner walls and external parts of the anus, helping with faeces releas
Hey Kush bro I had so much bucus in my ass last night, even my mum could hear the squelch.
by BAKisgay June 19, 2016
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The mucus that the anal glands secrete to aide in the lubrication of your colon as feces are excreted from the bowels.
That bucus smeared across my ass.
by Untamed Tamara May 03, 2018
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Consisting of no substance or quality, as well as being off putting and unpleasant to experience; bojank as hell.
This git really tried to show me his bucus ass mixtape.
by Crunkass July 17, 2018
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