when you are incredibly crunk and hyper. you cannot be controlled because you are unleashing the beast
after i anilated the other teams quarterback for a sack i was getting buckwild
by Andy Merline December 30, 2003
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white girl with the black accent on the show FLAVOR OF LOVE..who claimed to be real, but at the end her accent went away.
we finna get buckwild up in this mothasucka.
by trixie06chick September 23, 2006
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Going completely apeshit on someone because they pissed you off.
Don fucked Johnny's girlfriend, causing him to go buckwild on Don.
by Badandy December 10, 2005
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A level of activity that results with those engaged in the activity end up on the ground.
Shit dude! Look at Nick! He's going buckwild!
by Johnny March 18, 2005
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To exhibit outrageous, frenzied or out-of-control behavior, often with sexual undertones.
Vance: I heard Janice & her sorority sisters went to Florida for spring break, & got buckwild in their hotel room.

Hugh: That's not true. They went to Chicago to visit the Museum of Science and Industry.

Vance: What about the part about them getting buckwild?

Hugh: Oh, that's true.
by E.T. Mole February 16, 2013
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