Oral sexual act that consists of bobbing head movements until a bubbling sound is acheived.
Girl, you give some outstanding bubbly.
by Strickler January 23, 2003
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Boobs that point straight ahead instead of towards your feet.
My boobs were so bubbly that I almost poked his eye out.
by Kim Davis August 25, 2003
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A term used by fat, overweight or obese women on dating apps to describe themselves. They think it means that they're fun and outgoing but in reality it means they're annoying and fat.
"Hi, my name is Michelle! I'm 25, bubbly and obsessed with cats!"
by Hana26 August 18, 2017
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"Hey, what are you drinking there?"
"Oh, this? This is bubbly water with natural flavor"
"Get of town, really?"
"Yeah, very manly. I don't think you have to balls to drink this bubbly of a beverage, breh"
"What's it called?"\
"La Croix"
by youngcoryyyyyy February 22, 2016
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Someone that never got popped as a kid.
The bubbly girl thought that if she changed her image, that everyone else around her had to also change, and that the world around her and everything in it had to change as well (until she had everything revolving around her, as it had in her family and most areas of her life for her entire life). All this had to happen so that nobody would remember the goody two shoes poodle of her family with the bark that wouldn't quit, and they would only have the new, updated image of the drooling pit bull on meth and steroids to go by.
by Solid Mantis May 11, 2021
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What the inside of a bottle of clean, pure hand sanitizer looks like.
You can stick your bottle of hand sanitizer right up your ass bubbly girl, that way nobody can burst all the bubbles in your bottle. That should keep you from becoming unclean, it might even keep your shit from stinking.
by Solid Mantis May 11, 2021
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