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Used by some deaf/mute people in britain
Person 1: hey what's that guy doing with his hands?
Person 2: he's signing in bsl
by haidereyou January 09, 2014
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Boob shaking laughter .A joke or comment so funny that it makes you laugh so hard your boobs shake.
That joke caused some major BSL.
by katmarie January 06, 2011
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Bra Strap Length, usually referring to hair.
Laura: Girl your hair is getting long !
Tiffany: Yea girl i know, hopefully it'll be BSL by September
by NappyHeadLove February 26, 2012
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Some law makers have been trying to make Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) outlawing the ownership of pitbulls and other "dangerous breeds" in their jurisdictions.
by vicmountainview July 15, 2008
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Acronym for the common male problem of Balls Stuck to Leg. Often caused by prolonged sitting or sweating of the genital reigon.
"Damn, homie, I be sweatin so bad I got some SERIOUS BSL."

After sitting at the ball game for three hours, Billy had BSL.
by Cait Sith April 12, 2006
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The back-side lesbian, or more commonly known as the BSL, is a male individual that looks remarkably like a lesbian from behind, complete with woven choker necklace, short, boyish haircut, shapely female form, and undersized genitals. Studies have shown that a BSL is willing to shove a large dildo far up his ass for only 50 dollars and many have unhealthy fetishes for comic book heroes, often using Batman posters as masturbatory aids. Furthermore, BSLs have an uncanny ability for arts and crafts and eating pepperoni calzones, but that's about it. BSLs have a strong aversion to Segalls, as well.
EX 1:

Guy 1: Hey, you totally looks like a B.S.L. from behind.

Guy 2: Scissor me!

EX 2:

Guy 1: Dude, you like a big time B.S.L.

Guy 2: Whatever, man. How hot is Shelby looking tonight, by the way?
by eh fack u amit September 05, 2009
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Abbreviation for Blood Slut Levels. A technical term associated with a spike in sexual activity, often associated with feelings of guilt, sexual infections, and a risk of unwanted pregnancy. BSLs tend to peak in the early to mid 20s, then fall back down. However, there have been many cases noted that occur later in life (40-45), often involving women.
Margot's BSLs have shot through the roof this summer, she needs to settle down or risk getting pregnant.
by James426 September 03, 2012
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