Battestar Galactica - Used to refer to either the cult sci-fi show in the 70s or the sweet new one that began in the early '00s.
BSG is on right after Atlantis Friday nights on Sci-Fi.
by Steve H. May 20, 2005
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Hey man did you just see that bsg leaving that shop, I going to try and get her number.
by Kiran A August 19, 2009
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To continually lie or mislead a group or audience of people to their faces.
You're manipulating me like you're BSG
by EachWord June 24, 2023
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a group of fake banging bloods . they’re not about nun and get bitched around 24/7 . unknown made up ass gang .
person 1: do you know bsg ?
person 2: no,, what’s what?
person 3: they’re some pussy niggas .
by BSGK March 1, 2021
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St.Louis gang started in August of 2019 by Malachi Allen which stands for baby shoota gang
by BSG Huncho August 26, 2019
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That lady at the store was a BSG.
by clf829 June 4, 2010
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bitchy straight guy: a guy who comes off as a malicious, meddlesome, douchey and talks behind any and everyone's back but who is actually straight
Girl 1: omg, that guy is such a BSG
Girl 2: which guy?
Girl 1: that guy there, Spencer Pratt!
Girl 2: ohh yeah totally
by mishthinksUDiscool January 15, 2010
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