Girl 1: Hey she said you suck too much dick, and you should lose some weight.
Girl 2: Legit? Oh, hell no. Hold my earrings, you know I'm bouta bsa.
Girl 1: You go girl.
by batmannnnnnnnnn March 3, 2011
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Boy Scouts Of America The only real Definition for thos three letters. Take note Business Software Alliance.
I a DE and I work for the BSA.
by Blackdog45 June 11, 2005
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British Small Arms,
discontinued motorcycle manufacturer of western Europe in 50's and 60's
My BSA ran over your Indian
by Poster Nutbag June 23, 2003
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Boyfriend Stealing Association or also known as Boy Scouts of America because we always scouting them boys ;)
I stole Kaelee's boyfriend so now I guess I'm in the BSA
by Bnl 32211100000 April 6, 2017
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BSA = burning swamp ass - a condition common in Kansas City, Missouri, whereby a person drinks copious amounts of Boulevard beer (which has an unknown secret ass-leak ingredient) and eats fiery hot wings from The Peanut. The next day after taking a healthy dump, burning swamp ass ensues and said person has to wipe their fiery hole on 15 minutes intervals for 2 hours after.
The beer and wings were great, Rob, but I've got BSA so bad it's making me sweat and tremble. Can you smell it, or should I show you the tracks on my skivvies.
by Ramrod 69 March 18, 2006
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