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a guy with many issues that no one believes can be sorted out. he will be ther for you when you need him and make you feel like the most important thing in the world but he can break your heart in a second. he will toy with your emotions if you let him close enough. but he can be a great friend no matter what and no matter what stupid stuff he decides to do you should always stick with him because he will need a friend. he is also a great actor so he can hide most things very well, even to those that know him best. he gives everything he's got to one thing until he gets it or gives up
dude some guys fallin hard for you.

it must be brydon
by volleyballcrazy7 July 06, 2010
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one that doesn't want to fuck or date a man at there age
fuck mate, I got a thing for this cute girl too bad she has a thing for a guy who's 2 years younger than us. them fucken niggas just Brydon me
by POTATOPIGS September 06, 2018
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A guy that is really brash,Vulgar and Impulsive.He is a tough guy but is a really sentimental as well.He can put himself in other people's shoes and is able to feel their sadness.He is a very hot tempered person as a matter fact he gets angry over a small thing.But what really gets to him is if he sees someone with a peasant mentality or someone attacking someone that he really cares about.He is not a guy with many friends as no one dares to anger him but if you really try to understand him you will understand the root of his problems and the cause of his unusual temparament
Brydon is a egotistical scumbag in some people's eyes
by Shy Bry December 09, 2018
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