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another way of saying really, or seriously.
little brother: I want to be Snow White for Halloween!

big brother: bruh.
by ninjakitty47 November 26, 2014
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Used by african Americans Males in everyday vocabulary or to greet one another
Wassup Bruh!!!

Damn Bruh, Thats yo Gal!? She Fine as Hell
by Jae' June 08, 2005
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Term originated from Vine and shows "a prisoner falling to the floor in a movie."

Term used to describe something unbelievable or unjust. Also used to describe reaction to something fucking crazy.

The final way (originally on Vine) is when someone says something that makes you feel some type of way.
Guy 1: "I told her I loved her and she ran..."
Guy 2: "BRUH"
by BRUHH July 27, 2014
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A saying widely used during a dickhead, or stupid moment, or a moment of fuckery. Also said when someone says something to piss you off. Can be used as a substitute for tf or the fuck.
Man: I fucked my bitch so hard last night.

Man 2: Bruh... I ain't need to know that
by Erectile Function October 18, 2014
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a way of greeting a male friend or aquaitance. Originated in the bay area. short for brother. bruh-ther. Not broh-ther. It makes more sense to use this word.
"It's been a while. What have you been up to, bruh?"
"Nothin much. Just workin hella hours."
by justin wellman November 24, 2007
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