Term originated from Vine and shows "a prisoner falling to the floor in a movie."

Term used to describe something unbelievable or unjust. Also used to describe reaction to something fucking crazy.

The final way (originally on Vine) is when someone says something that makes you feel some type of way.
Guy 1: "I told her I loved her and she ran..."
Guy 2: "BRUH"
by BRUHH July 27, 2014
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Bob: hey so when are we going to the concert?
Joe: yeah about that... I never got those tickets

Bob: BRUH.
by Daquan 5Ever November 30, 2014
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A word that many people use when they're in shock, or when someone does something stupid. Usually used by many teenagers, and is used in many memes. (You can really use this word for anything but just giving some examples.)
Dude: how does one even get on top of the fridge, bruh.
Dude 2: how did Steve even throw that ball so high up? bruh.
Dude 3: why is he so stupid, bruh.
by happylittlegirl August 09, 2019
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Something Olivia says to much

Example 1:
P1: Hi Olivia!
Olivia: Sup BRUH? How are you?

Example 2:
P1: says nothing

Olivia: Sup BRUH!!

Example 3:
Olivia: BRUH, you like my shirt? It says BRUH you need Jesus!!
P1: Ya It’s cool

Olivia: thanks BRUH!
by BRUH100% November 16, 2019
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Bruh is a question. It means like "Really dude?!" Or "Why the heck did u do that?" For example if someone did something u thought was weird then you would be like "Bruh?"
Guy 1: "I just ate a Cheeto off the ground."
Guy 2: "Bruh?"
by Hyenabird X January 09, 2018
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A word used to express derpness and say someone's stupid.
Dude: Man, have you seen this video yet?
*shows 9+10*
Me: Bruh
by ChanBruh December 18, 2016
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A saying widely used during a dickhead, or stupid moment, or a moment of fuckery. Also said when someone says something to piss you off. Can be used as a substitute for tf or the fuck.
Man: I fucked my bitch so hard last night.

Man 2: Bruh... I ain't need to know that
by Erectile Function October 18, 2014
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