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The feels when you stay up late to talk to someone about life. When you binge Netflix while eating ice cream. Your life dreams and goals become real. When you cry out all of your pain and you read a good book. When you listen to your favorite song and it brings you back to happy memories. When all of your emotions burst out.
(It's 11:45 PM)
Girl 1: Life is so hard, but this ice cream tastes so good.
Girl 2: People hurt me so much, let's listen to sad songs.
Girl 3: Look at all of the polaroid pictures we took!
All: You guys feel the late-night vibes?
by happylittlegirl August 09, 2019

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A word that many people use when they're in shock, or when someone does something stupid. Usually used by many teenagers, and is used in many memes. (You can really use this word for anything but just giving some examples.)
Dude: how does one even get on top of the fridge, bruh.
Dude 2: how did Steve even throw that ball so high up? bruh.
Dude 3: why is he so stupid, bruh.
by happylittlegirl August 09, 2019

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Kristin is very beautiful, she's always happy and blocks all of the negativity out of her life. If something is in her way, she always uses her hopefulness and determination to see the bright side of it. She's a natural leader, and when she loves someone, she will love them till the very end. She makes other girls want to be like her, and she makes other guys fall in love with her. She's usually chilling with her friends and always caring for them, no matter how much of a burden their friend could be. She's a loving person. Very artistic, fashionable, and has a fun personality. She'll make you want to stay next to her no matter what. She's one of the most inspirational and sexy people out there, please love Kristin no matter what.
Girl 1: I'm having a hard time..
Kristin: Please know that I'll comfort you and love you till the very end.
Girl 1: I love you, Kristin. Thanks so much.
by happylittlegirl August 09, 2019

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that feeling when you're in this state of never-ending happiness. feels almost like summer. everything around you seems to fade away. you usually feel bittersweet after, trying to figure out when this feeling will die out. you just feel like going outside, dancing around to fun music, and just talking to friends. you're feel like you're in this teenage dream. you can't stop laughing and smiling and everyone around you thinks you're crazy.
watching the sunset at the beach and listening to music with the most best friends gives me bliss.
by happylittlegirl December 31, 2019

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A boy (or girl, but usually a boy) who loves sports. He's nice, tall, and very cute, and most girls would love him. But, he can be two-faced and move on very easily, but at the same time, he's loyal and a great companion. He's a great friend who loves adventures and knows when to have fun. He's the life of the party and gets lots of attention. But beware, he's also very smart and can use his knowledge against you. He's optimistic but always thinks he doesn't have the ability to be better, but in reality, he's perfect. He's very secretive but will open up to people who he trusts. Never let a Drew leave your life! It's worth being with them.
Guys: Did you guys see Drew? He beat the fastest person in the school in a race! We wanna be like Drew.
Girls: Did you guys see Drew? He's super cute, did you see him smile the other day? We all need someone like Drew.
by happylittlegirl August 09, 2019

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