Similar to stuck up but referring to a cold hearted female especially a ho.
Man, she is cold up!
by HybridFlare June 20, 2005
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A country way of saying to something colder i. e. drinks, temperature, etc.
Dad, my drinks warm from sittin' out. Well, put some ice in it and cold it up, son?!
by Comanche Jackson August 08, 2010
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Heating up cold soup is when a person rekindles a romantic relationship from their (usually distant) past.

The soup is analogous to the relationship in this analogy—and that soup isn’t just room’s straight up cold. Thus, the general sentiment is that the rekindling is with someone one has neither spoken with nor seen (nor obsessed over) in years.
Late 20’s Girl #1: What are you doing tonight?
Late 20’s Girl #2: Watching a movie at my apartment with Matt...
Late 20’s Girl #1: Who is Matt?
Late 20’s Girl #2: Matt high school boyfriend.
Late 20’s Girl #1: Talk about heating up cold soup.
Late 20’s Girl #2: Yeah. Don’t tell anyone.
by Windton September 13, 2020
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