a phrase used for complementing people who stand out in a crowd or even in a conversation. Points are often given to people who know answers that people are looking for.
Sarah gets brownie points for having a cute sweater on today.
by Marky G June 2, 2006
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Brownie points are things that you keep track of yourself when talking to your crush or someone you're into. You gain brownie points when you say nice things or joke around with them and they accept the joke. You can also lose brownie points by saying something insulting or rude that the person would most likely take offense to.
"I just gained brownie points with him!"

"I just lost attention by making that joke."
by pinkfluffyunicorns March 22, 2015
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Points amassed through doing things you don't want to do with your wife/girlfriend that can be used to purchase anal sex.
Last month I went to the garden show with her and this month we're having her parents over for dinner. I'm pretty sure I've got enough brownie points to have her ass everyday for a week!
by Mr. Chad March 22, 2010
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An imaginary award given to your boyfriend or girlfriend for doing something right in the relationship. Letting your partner know that they get brownie points is a way to show them that they will definitely get a good suprize next time you're with them.
"Wow babe, you definitely get brownie points! Keep acting like this and you'll get something good later."
by AmerLynne June 15, 2017
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Proverbial "points" you get whenever you kiss ass. Comes from the term Brown Noser.
Can you believe Jacob gave Ms. James an apple because she's "such a good teacher"? That's about 6 Brownie Points.
by Danzo Shimura November 2, 2010
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When someone forces good messages into unnecessary places in a product to get attention from media/social media for being "progressive". Often if people point it out, they are shut down for being "racist", "sexist", "homophobic" etc.
J. K. Rowling: Harry Potter has a second scar on his knee in the shape of the gay rights symbol, Hagrid is transgender, and every single character is gay or non-binary. She should get brownie points for LGBTQ+ representation
by Lord Dorogoth June 2, 2020
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Some bullshit, inanimate currency your mom gives you when you’ve done something to win her favor or affection. Somehow related to the Girl Scouts, but she can’t quite remember and can’t relive her glory days, even in her memories.
“Sweetheart, did you take out the trash and do the dishes without me even asking? Awh, what a good boy. You’ve definitely scored some brownie points today!”
by WINH4X March 20, 2020
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