A false currency usually awarded to a racist, fat fuck, who buys 3,000 pcs and doesn't know how to change the rgb colors on the fans. Smh and people who get these are usually named keenan and did i mention they are fatass.
"this mf actually gets brownie points! This blokes name name is perhaps keenan and he is most likely awfully chubby, or quite fat indeed.
by MarioMariomamamia March 14, 2021
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The bad credit generated from an unfavorable deed or action, often without intent...
I had a few too many at Dave's bucks party, passed out and peed in the bed while Jane was asleep next to me, serious inverse brownie points...

John accumulated further inverse brownie points by commenting that for a big girl, Sarah did not sweat much...
by Sebbo87 October 24, 2010
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Commonly used word by Montclair, New Jersey teenagers, usually those who think that they're cool enough to create a new slang term.

If you live in Montclair and think you're really cool you will use this word for no reason when in reality no one really knows what it means.
by Weaksaucebrowniepoints July 12, 2009
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When a dude poses as he Mr.Perfect , tries to say things that a female wants to hear , make it sound real good aka The Pillow Talker himself
“If my girl nails are $50 , I’ll give her $1500” saying that he’s trying to earn brownie points from the chicks
by Ni66ah Regulations Guide November 19, 2020
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