An onomatopaeic imitation of the guitar riff commonly heard in 1970's porn movies.
Jim: "Hey, where are Abby and Jake?"
Tom: "Brown chicken, brown cow."
by yaaqov March 29, 2008
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Popular Seventies porn riff...Punch line to joke...A company in Denver, CO.
What did the farmer say when he saw two random farm animals getting it on??

"Brown Chicken Brown Cow"
by Risin May 13, 2009
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The two sexiest animals on the farm!!

Commonly heard as bow chica wow wow
What are the two sexiest animals on the farm?!
Answer: Brown Chicken, Brown Cow!!!
by mg199camo June 30, 2009
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What do you get when you cross a Brown Chicken with a Brown Cow?
"Brown Chicka Brown Cow" when said correctly the punch line sounds like a riff of old porn music from like the 70's. That really jazzy repeating background music, just add shag carpeting! Brown Chicken Brown Cow

Listen to the sample and vote this def up!
by Evolkid22 October 19, 2014
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