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Usually from Italian heritage. Plays sports, talented, has style, handsome and has a sense of humor. Most likely plays soccer.
Guy 1- Have you seen that new guy, Gianfranco?

Guy 2- The Italian, that loves soccer?

Guy 1- Yea, you like him?

Guy 2- Don't really know but, he is handsome and has good style.
by spartaboy10 August 17, 2010
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1.The name of a pothead man who is usually born in Argentina
2. To try different types of drugs as to stand out from the crowd.
3. To fall asleep in the middle of class, especially math class
4. A friend that will always be there for you... except in lunch where he will just run off somewhere else.
1. dude stop being such a Gianfranco and pass the blunt
2. everyone was impressed at all the different types of drugs he had taken but he was just being a Gianfranco
3. Franky: Hey what was the homework for math?

Robert: I dont know I was sleeping during the whole class

Franky: You pulled off another Gianfranco!
4. Gianfranco was helping me clean my basement all weekend but when we got to lunch he disappeared!
by datmonsterr November 13, 2010
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