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A term used in whitewater kayaking, particularly in high volume spring flows when the water turns brown.

Synonymous with "the shit", i.e. running the shit/running the brown.

Origin : Demshitz and Sacha Baron Cohen. Demshits says "gonna run the brown" along with a hand motion which Borat does at etiquette training for a dinner party. This hand motion is universally understood in the whitewater kayak community, known as the "brown claw".
Yo dude, the Blanche river is running threat level right now, lets go run the brown!!!
by Crash0826 December 17, 2014

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A term widely accepted in the white-water kayak community to refer to large variations of river elevation, most often stout refers to a waterfall, but can often refer to smaller drops in elevation with high flow. Most often people do not refer to small drops with low flow as "stout", since stout has an apparent scale of "stoutness". Palouse falls for example is extremely stout, whereas something small like Trick or Treat falls on the Quyon River, is only kinda stout, but still fun to huck nonetheless.
Hog's back falls was looking hella stout today, but still looks runnable.

Looks like the Rouge is flowing at 30 cms!!! Let's go huck some stouts!!!

John swam after running that burly stout this morning, he still owes a booty beer later tonight!

See also brown.
by Crash0826 March 23, 2016

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