Occurs when supervisory personnel intentionally undermine their staff through nefarious means.
Cathy browns her staff when she intentionally lies to and about the staff; demands increased performance of her staff while refusing to provide the tools and training necessary for them to meet the new performance standards; requires a member of her staff to assume supervisory capacity then refuses to acknowledge, reward and/or compensate that staff member for a job well done; forbids and prevents a staff member from working from home only to then beg that staff member to work from home on a project requiring immediate attention; surreptitiously and without approval accesses and reads her staff's emails; without further compensation, reduces by a week a staff member's accrued vacation hours to lessen the impact on her scheduling needs; bullies her staff into into 'doing as told' then denies having provided said direction...
by HighWire2013 January 23, 2014
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A slang term for the drug Heroin, like skag
"No, you've got it the wrong way round
You shut me up, and blamed it on the brown" - The Libertines, Can't Stand Me Now
by Nightfreak November 14, 2004
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Usually a common last name derived from the word, trick, given to females who play you and have fake shit.
Man, K. Brown fucks you up!
by Tellslikeitis January 01, 2010
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The uniform a Ups driver wears is called his or her browns.
Steve we are short a driver. Go put your browns on and run this route.
by The Man Speaker March 02, 2008
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