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When two bromates take a shower at the same time (in neighboring shower stalls). Browers are usually characterized by an ongoing conversation between the bromates and typically occur in an advanced bromance.
Bromate 1: Dude, I think one of my balls is bigger than the other.

Bromate 2: Yeah I know. You told me last night during our brower.

Bromate 1: Oh, no shit?

Bromate 2: No shit, bro.
by jack'n'holic89 April 04, 2010
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Literally, "brewski in the shower". When you can't wait, nothing beats a cold beer in the shower.
Hey man, whats taking you so long?

Sorry, had to take a quick brower.

Sweet, bring the rest of your beer over here already!
by beerme20 June 06, 2010
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Taking a shower with your bros. Everyone must have their own shower head to make it not an orgy, but walls and individual stalls are not required. Usually singing songs not considered very masculine. Invented by Sam, Peter, Zach, Avery, Austin, and Freedom at CU Boulder in 2013.
"Dudes, you wanna brower before dinner?"
by Acewaim3 October 17, 2017
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a LAZY, piece of shit nigga who thinks he's a cracka and superstar soccer playa or somethin'.
That brower thing justs sits there all day doing nothing but dream of being a soccer star.
by Anand Selvam February 01, 2004
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a short fat mutha fucka; like a chode, with a pizza lookin face. browers sometimes believe that they are hardass niggahs who can scrap wit any niggah they find. while eating, Browers may ask " are you gonna finish that?" in this situation its best to reply "no fuck you, you brower".
-yo, you see that brower today ova by the garbage?

-yeah i almost whooped his black ass
by suckafatty June 18, 2008
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