a jock with a cooridinating outfit and socks, a gold chain outside the shirt, guinea t and spiked hair that could pop a balloon..
most high school seniors and 1st and 2nd year college kids are brosefs, and don't know it.
by ti2xger July 07, 2009
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Alternative for the word Bro, most commonly used by Pakistani or arabian teens in an attempt to americanize.
Abdar: 'sup brosef
John 'n crew: Brosef...?
Abdar: Bro?
by Waproast November 09, 2009
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A brother named Josef or Joseph
Alternative spellings can include "Broseph".
via giphy
by Datdogtho May 25, 2018
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A temporary nickiname given to the idiot in the immediate area and setting. Also construes slight aggrivation.
She was my sister, Brosef!

Can also be used in conjuction when saying wassup to somebody: "Yoseph, Brosef."
by Kenny Burks December 11, 2007
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brosef is and insult, it doesn't mean friend. jack black uses it as an insult in anchorman, so therefore it is a mean thing to say.
by guy mann-dude September 28, 2008
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