N - the act of having your face slapped, batted or mushed when put between a woman's breast
When I put down a $5 tip, the stripper gave me a 'bronski'.
by LanceThruster May 20, 2003
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the action of saying BRRRRRROOOONNNNNNNNSSSSKKKKIII between some grl's tits...supposed to tickle?
Toto bronskkeeeddd dorothy
by -audrey- May 1, 2003
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"While you're up, grab me another bronski from the fridge."
by the mang September 12, 2007
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The other night I was getting a bronski and I nearly fell back off the toilet.
by 12geo November 17, 2022
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Where you stick your face in a woman's breasts and shake your head back and forth really fast while going burrrr.
BURRRRR, I shouted as I gave my girlfriend a bronsky.
by AndrewR June 25, 2005
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when one place his/her face in a girls breasts and shakes his head while yelling bronsky
Dude i definetly gave that girl a nice bronsky!
by georgie the hammer September 25, 2003
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Reference to music group Bronski Beat, who's lead singer was homosexual. When said, raise both arms in air and cross your wrists and tap them against each other as to copy the dance adapted by group.
Guy 1: I really like the drink pimms, it is so refreshing

Guy 2: Bronski (raise arms, cross wrists, and tap)
by Ledge March 22, 2006
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