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mesomorphically chiseled, buff, muscular, diesel, built.
Have you seen the Big Bad Booty Daddy Scott Steiner lately? He's truly brolic!
by weave March 31, 2003
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Used often in the business world, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as "fuck it."
The client changed the deadline to today? Well, it is what it is.
by A. Danish November 27, 2007
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Tough, muscular, macho, aggressive, very large and possibly crazed
I'm not arguing with that dude; he's way too brolic
by Bill Peters November 05, 2006
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1) Often used to describe somebody who is strong, it holds the most extreme definition of strength and power.

2) Somebody who is strong and workouts is known as a brolic.

3) Can be used as a verb to illustrate physical harm.

* A dedicated folk-style, freestyle, or Greco wrestler is automatically known as a brolic because of the physically demanding schedule they endure.

* Only when used as a verb is the word brolic to have a k at the end of it so that it can be easily conjugated.
1) "I've been hitting the weights lately, now I'm brolic."

2) "Arnold Schwarzenneger used to be such a brolic in his movie days."

3) "Ian was getting up in my face, so I had to brolick him. Now he can't walk straight."
by The Most Brolic 103 June 23, 2009
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Big. Large in size or Satisfaction.
Yo< This bag of weed is brolic.


That steak was fuckin brolic.
by Arcan August 23, 2003
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Term originally derived from the Dragonball Z cartoon which featured a character named "Broli" or "Broly" who was vastly superior to the other characters in size and power.

Broli is an immensely powerful warrior capable of destroying planets. When used in reference to men it is a complement, when used in refrence to women it is a severe diss or insult (Meaning the woman is manly or "butch" in some physical manner). Examples below.

*Often the ultimate diss is to combine 4 B's ending in Bitch and beginning with Brolic. Often used as a harsh punch-line in turning down a girl.

Brolic is often used to describe atheltic women who are "unnaturaly" muscular and is the only word i've heard to describe athetlic women in the informal context.

A more respective alternative might be "brickhouse" which means the woman is in shape but certainly doesn't look like a man. (ie- Serena Williams) Brickhouse can be a very well recieved complement.

Brolic on the other hand (if you are a female) means your face resembles a box and you should lighten up on the workouts and eat some platanos and gain some booty and titty fat or something for dudes to grab on to.

Dudes generally don't like "Brolic" chicks, we like some gellatin to wiggle around and smack. Brolic means you are 99% muscle and your ass is hard as a rock.

Whole purpose of men liking females is because they are soft and squishy. So as a rule of thumb, if you are ever called "Brolic", you need to immediatley cease any excercises.

Men that are called "Brolic" may keep up the good work for those ladies that want the rock hard abs.
"That Dude is Brolic Son."

"Vanessa? Nah, Nobody want that Brolic-lookin busted up basketball Bitch."

by JD Cash Money Proppa December 06, 2006
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adj to describe something that is very large in size
damn that nigga is brolic!(big muscles, tall, fat)
u seen her house....that shit is brolic(mansion)
by toni February 24, 2005
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