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the school where fuck-ups are accepted.
where the sluts, bitches, assholes and potheads go.
we got preps, ghetto black people, ghetto white people,
wannabes, goths, punks, guidos, emos, gays, lesbians and
anyone else you can classify, we got.
about a quarter of the school is on probation
we have about 3 or 4 fights a day
we have a football team that owns and cheerleaders who get owned...
most of us are just lucky to just pass our classes
we get niggas from like 13 different towns
we have a middle school anddd a jr high
our assistant principle got a dwi and crashed into a cop and was on tv on it.....
and their still our assistant principle...
words are created here that get stolen and moved to district to district.
we got 9 periods a day starting at fucking 7am -__-
everyone hates it here.
by ashley_loves_leppieeee November 15, 2009
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Longwood.....the school for those of us that don't care enough about football to go to Tech, aren't stuck up enough to go to UVA, won't spend the 200 hours a week of studying needed to go to William and Mary, aren't gangster enough for ODU, aren't quite slutty enough for Radford and are too lazy to leave the state.

borrowed from a fellow Longwood student who borrowed it from someone else :-D
You went to Longwood?
Yes, I hate to study...
by Eryn November 05, 2004
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a highschool on long island
that owns pat-med at everything.
Everyone's poor but thinks they're not.
Fights on request.
Annual bombscares
exploding toilets
and many girls with eating disorders.
but they do have nice hair.
the guys look like girls
and make fun of the ones who don't
and vice versa
every girl, is stuckup in SOME way.
for the most part.
the teachers don't know what they are teaching
and the principal changes more often than my underwear.
Rory: "Yo. longwood highschool owned us a football"
by Trish V. September 23, 2006
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A place filled with a bunch of wangstas
They ALL start drama and they always talk about how suckish their life is and how they want to 'commit' suicide when they really won't try .

Liars, Theifs , and Assholes

These people can't be real for SHIT !
P1 : you're so fake , you belong in Longwood

P2 : Bitch ! Imma Start A Rumor About You
P1 : Another Reason Why You Belong In Longwood
by Marcelx May 02, 2011
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A fusion of two East Coast Hoods and a rap group of the same name. They hustle out of the East Coast city, Tha Dirty 'Swich. Chosen 1, DJ Gatblasta, E$, and FunkMasta Flow are the hardcore founding members of the gang. Their self-titled album hits stores soon.
Steve: Can I be in Longwood?
Longwood: Fuck no! Try F-Troop or some bitch-ass crew.
by Straight Out The Wood March 18, 2006
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Longwood-A neighborhood in Florida, the best place to live. Home of the "Longwood Group".
We're moving to Longwood, I can't wait.
by Beau June 10, 2004
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